Key People

John Gillborn - Key PeopleBen Philpott - Key People Peter Sarson - Key People

                     John Gillborn                                       Ben Philpott                                        Peter Sarson
     Founder and Managing Director                  Operations Manager                              Finance Manager

John’s enthusiasm and desire to be the best at whatever he does filters through the business. He is keen to hear customer feedback, and runs team building and knowledge sharing events to inspire our staff.

Ben is responsible for the day to day running of the company including the Product and Solution Support teams. He designs and maintains the processes that ensure compliance with the ISO9001 -2008 certification and monitors Service Level Agreements performance with our customers.

Peter has a wealth of experience across multiple business sectors and sizes. He is our financial cornerstone responsible for budgeting, financial reporting, managing risk and planning growth.  He ensures that we’re running the business efficiently so we deliver constant value to our customers.

Meet the team:

15 Engineers, 5 Sales, 4 Account Managers, 3 Billing and Lines, 2 Consultants, 2 Finance Personel, 1 PA, 1 Marketing … and a partridge in a pear tree.