Audio and Video Conferencing

Avaya Conference CentreA conference call is a telephone call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one persons receiving the call. iCS can offer you numerous solutions, products and services depending on the size and budget of your organisation.

As businesses become more extended, the people working within them become less-connected and potentially less productive. Enabling individuals to communicate effectively across geographies, time zones, devices, technology platforms and media represents a significant challenge for IT.

Conferencing enables people to communicate and collaborate easily and intuitively through advanced voice and data conferencing solutions – refreshing clarity of the natural spoken word, effortlessly projecting undistorted conversations. From desktop to auditorium systems, Polycom® has the right voice solution to meet your needs. Polycom is the worldwide market leader in conferencing solutions.

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We also offer the cheapest, greenest audio conferencing service in the UK, no specialist equipment required. See iCS Konference.

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