Inbound Call Services

Inbound services typically refer to phone calls that come into your business and to how those calls are handled.

Traditionally inbound services were provided on non-geographic numbers, such as 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871, which cost customers money to call but provide owners a revenue share, or 0800 numbers which are free to call but owners pay. Now you can get the same services on geographic 01 and 02 numbers. For example, if you are based in Lands End (01736) but want a local number in John o’Groats (01955), inbound services can help.  iCS can organise this quickly and at little cost.

These days there are a range of services that can be bolted on at the service provider level (or ‘in the cloud’ if we are using tech-talk). For example, call recording, call queuing, conferencing and voicemail to email can be provided by iCS.

We can also provide Out of Area Numbers to appear as if you are calling for a different location. For example: if you wish to make it look like you are calling from your offices in London we can do that, or Dubai or Paris.

We can also provide golden or memorable numbers that are suitable for advertising, such as the ever celebrated 118 number. As well as diverting your competitor’s old number should they go out of business. Or helping you keep your old number should you move office.

Call us and let one of our consultants take you through the options and find the best number for your business.