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SpliceCom have been working on a few new bits and bobs recently.  Here’s an overview.

The recent version of PCS560/570 software have added a few small but potentially important or useful features:

The Call Waiting banner no longer stays up if call is answered by another User in the Department.
Wrap up page display not affected by my names for favourites (now uses numbers not names).
Messages: shows only time if today and day for the last 7 days then date also adds telephone number.
Login screen no longer ‘dances’ when no initial user.
Logout now waits for 60 seconds before first automatic attempt.
Top RH button is secret logout (similar to bottom rh is secret config).
Can now set Forwarding Number via the Setting>Divert menu.
Can now turn off Operator Console mode on the phone so multiple Speed dials don’t interfere with the phone.
Dim setting changed to resolve potential buzz when dimmed.

The latest version of Vision adds loads more reports, improved Vision Mobility and Wallboards.  You can now drill down through reports to pick out individual calls.  The detail here is very fine indeed.  They’ve also added Vision Call Centre.

It’s now possible to run the Voicemail application on a Mac as well as on a Linux machine – system requirements are an Intel processor running OS X 10.6.

The new Windows version of PCS60 has been slightly face-lifted with improved tabs and icons for lists and speed dials.   Also the last number list is stored on the callserver so when you close and reopen PCS60 your dialed list is remembered.

Let us know your thoughts.

Matt Franks
Consulting Engineer