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The big changes in this revision are the introduction to charge for upgrading IP Offices, low-end combo cards for smaller systems, new digital handsets and the ability to connect 9600 handsets. Also they launch of the £50 voicemail and the end of development on phone manger with the one-X portal being the new desktop offering.

The CCC Delta Server, Call Status and Conference Centre have been withdrawn.

Avaya are now charging for system upgrades to V6. The estimated cost is £199.00, and a multi release lifetime upgrade licence for £999.00

Numbers of installed IP Office and INDeX in the UK are estimated at 100,000 systems. With the takeover of Nortel, the compact and modular system base installed is estimated at 150,000 systems. Version 7 will give the ability for Nortel users to plug their handset to the IP office and function normally.

The Avaya vision is to “Wrap and Embrace” not “Rip and Replace”

The chassis is changed from V6 with 2 x SD card slots, the first slot is for licences and contains the 2 port voicemail this SD must be purchased from Avaya, the other can be any SD card (approved list issued) and this assists in system upgrades and for storage.

The cost of the voicemail is being announced as £50 for the SD card containing all you need for a 2 port auto-attending, voice mailing unit that even sends you an email notification.

The other big news is the combo bargain bucket low end cards. 2 combo’s are available – Analogue and Digital. The Analogue version supports 4 analogue lines, 2 analogue extensions, 8 digital extensions, and 10 VCM channels (needed for IP phones). The Digital combo supports 4 analogue lines, 2 analogue extensions, 8 digital extensions, and 10 VCM channels. All that functionality for £400 rrp!

The next big news is the launch of the 1400 series phones; these phones look like the current 1600 series but are Digital not IP.

The 9600 handsets from the Aura / CM now also work on the IP office, these handsets are the high level IP range and only handsets capable of supporting self VPN’ing. Avaya say they will stop producing the 5600 and 4600 handset in the coming months

The one-X portal now is the way forward with Avaya saying Phone Manager is now “a la carte” and not being the mainstream offering. one-X needs a small web server so I think uptake will be slow but will pick up as the year progresses.

Best Regadrs,
John Gillborn