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Have you ever been saddled with a large phone bill full of calls you didn’t make? Well 40% of UK businesses have. Phone system hacking, or Phreaking as it’s commonly known, is on the rise. Last year it cost £1.3 billion in the UK alone. If you are affected you could be looking at upwards of £12K in fraudulent charges that you are liable for.

Why is this happening? Unlike company data networks, which are protected by firewalls, phone systems are left unguarded. Organised criminals have seen the financial opportunity in using your phone system to route calls to expensive destinations such as international and premium rate, that they can then sell on. You see those cheap calling cards with rates that look to good to be true…

Phone system fraud usually occurs outside business hours when you won’t notice the lines being used, often the cleaners get the blame!

Ask yourself if you would leave your credit cards lying around? Probably not and credit cards have become more secure and harder to clone. So why should you leave the front door unlocked on your phone system?

Protection costs a lot less than the calls a phreaker will make in a few hours.


Best Regards,
John Gillborn