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In my humble opinion the only thing holding back the majority of non-cloud based users, are the poor internet speeds being offered by some carriers. This tide is changing though. With the recent advent of BT’s infinity (fibre to the cabinet) and clever uses of existing infrastructure such as EFM (ethernet first mile). We can create “leased line” speeds on a shoe string budget. BT’s infinity offers a up-to 40mb service for just above the cost of a regular copper service which will suffer from quality degredation over a distance. EFM delivers uncontended, synchronas high speed services the for as little as £250.00 per month. this will deliver a “leased Line” service at a quarter of the cost.

What do you believe it will take for business to hop on the cloud as Steve Jobs uncovers the iCloud service?

Apple boss Steve Jobs unveiled the iCloud service at the company’s annual developers’ conference in San Francisco

“We are seeing people putting pieces in place for the time when more and more consumers have those assets, not just in their immediate vicinity, but up in the cloud,” he said. “Those kinds of transitions for consumers take a long time. They don’t happen overnight.”

Apple also talked about updates for the iOS operating system that runs on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. It said it had sold more than 200 million iOS devices.

One novel feature integrates micro-blogging service Twitter into camera and photo apps to make it easier for people to share snaps with followers. iOS5 also introduces an auto-focus feature that lets a user zoom in on a particular part of what they are taking a picture of.

Apple said it also planned to introduce a system that would update iOS devices without the need to plug them in to a PC or Mac. The new version of iOS will be available in the Autumn.

Lion, the forthcoming update for the Apple Mac operating system was also demonstrated at the WWDC. Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller said the software had more than 250 new features.

“Analysts believe the iTunes feature will help drive adoption of the cloud among consumers”

One key update, he said, was the inclusion of multi-touch trackpads so Apple’s notebooks can handle gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and momentum based scrolling seen before now on the iPhone.

Another gesture will take users to Mission Control, a global overview of everything happening on a notebook. Lion also has an autosave feature that automatically keeps copies of documents and other files.

Also introduced was a peer-to-peer wi-fi feature called Air Drop that lets Mac owners share files with friends and colleagues by dragging and dropping an icon onto a picture.

Apple said Lion will no longer be available on a physical CD, instead the software will have to be downloaded.

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