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An appeal launched by broadband service providers BT and TalkTalk against their judicial review of the Digital Economy Act (DEA) has seen their application refused  by Judge Sir Richard Buxton in the high court on Monday. The companies were looking to have this re-looked at as they still felt their grounds for the case were valid.

The judicial review ended in April when Justice Kenneth Parker ruled that the claims of BT and TalkTalk were not upheld. The two companies believed that the Digital Economy Act did not receive enough scrutiny when it was rushed through parliament at the end of the last Labour term in office. They also felt that it infringed upon the basic human rights of Internet users. The companies were granted a judicial review based on three of their four claims in November 2010..
“We welcome the judge’s decision and the court’s recognition that measures in the Digital Economy Act are both lawful and proportionate.
“The government remains committed to tackling online piracy and so will set out the next steps for implementation of the Digital Economy Act shortly.”
The two companies have also been ordered to pay 93% of the costs of the government’s legal fees from the judicial review which is thought to be in the region of £100,000

John Gillborn