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So how does a telecoms provider move their location with no impact to the company?

1. Early Planning – at least 6 months 

We would recommend to anyone planning a move to start thinking about the move well in advance, we started planning over 6 months ago. This gives your suppliers enough time to make sure you are up and running with no disturbances.

2. Retaining our existing numbers 

We are moving outside our exchange area, this would usually mean we would have to lose our numbers. How ever as a telecoms company we are more than aware of the benefits of going “IP”. How it works for us is simple; we port our numbers to IP or SIP, this means those numbers are no longer geographic numbers and can be taken wherever we go, even aboard. We now save money on new stationary that only had our number but more importantly it keeps it as convenient as possible for our customers to contact us.

3. Moving broadband with  no loss of service 

It is of upmost importance that we do not lose broadband connection at any point during the move so we are using overlapping mover through BT – this gives service level agreements that promise no loss of service. The connection is still available in our old office while we test it on the day of the move.

4. Increasing connectivity with EFM – 8 ½Meg (1 to 1) 

EFM is a synchronous broadband pipe that will deliver no less that 81/2 Meg up and down without contention. To help with the planning process, we guarantee a speed that if not achieved you are not charged for. The Talk Talk Business EFM service is delivered over either two copper pairs, Dual EFM, or four bonded copper pairs, Quad EFM, to provide higher reliability and throughput than traditional single pair DSL connections. Delivery to the customer is via a standard 100Mbps Ethernet RJ45 Connector on the TalkTalk Business Managed NTE unit which we install and maintain as part of the service.

5. Using in-house expertise to organise comms and cabling

We obviously tapped in to the mass of engineering talent under our old roof to make life under the new roof run as smoothly as possible. We are moving our current system over to the new office and installing SIP trunks as well as an ISDN30e fail over. We can manage the cabling and IT work necessary for almost any size of move.

From July 22nd 2011 our new address will be:

1 Minster Court, Tuscam Way, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3YY. UK.

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