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Moving office is a very stressful time. Office moves happen because your downsizing, up-sizing, moving out of your home or moving back in your home, saving money on your office or investing more money in your office surroundings. Here are my 5 top tips:

1. Council tax, when looking at building don’t forget to see what the rateable value is- use this Link  and find out the rates cost, when we moved office last year we whittled it down to 2 buildings. One larger than the other but the larger building’s Council Tax was a whopping 40% less than the smaller 10 year newer shiny building. It made the larger building cheaper and we have room to expand, sublet or leave free. Even if you don’t move check the rates your paying with your neighbours it might be worth appealing,  friend of mine found out they were paying 30% more than a neighbour.

2. Move your Telephone numbers– With modern technology you can simply move your number from London to Reading, it allows you to move seamlessly not re-train your customers in the new number, and prevent expensive divert or messaging costs that may go on for years. Dont forget if your biggest competitor hits the wall you might be able to divert their number too!

3. Clear out before you move– go through your business piece by piece and bin stuff, scan stuff, shred stuff, why rent space to accommodate the stuff in your new office and pay someone to move it! come on.

4. Shop around for Utility suppliers– Utilities suppliers stay put for years, choose wisely and revue each year 20% of £400 per month is a week in Spain at Half term with the family before tax

5. Plan Plan Plan, put everyone in a room 2 months before and brainstorm everything and then get the timescales on them all. Also plan to move during a weekday, it will save you 20% and spend 5% of the saving getting an answering service to take the calls for the day.

If you need advice on moving just give iCS a call on 01344 870 860.

Written by John Gillborn,
Managing Director at iCS Communications