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I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last year preparing iCS to enter the Electricity Industry and have found it fascinating after a 25 years plus in Telecoms, the industry is fascinating so I thought I’d share my knowledge with you.

In telecoms when you want to make a call you simply pick up the phone, its a bit like water it is always there and I’m not sure what happens to make available to us 24/7, Electricty can’t be stored so the grid has to be balanced all the time to match the resource to the demand.
Now Andrew Marr in the BBC show England from above gives a good explanation of what Elexon who balance Electricity and National Grid who control the folw do day to day, that is meeting the requirement of what everyone wants when they want it, my favourite bit is the face of Bianca Butcher as the “Duff Duffs” come at the end of Eastenders.

Their part is to balance the people who have bought too much energy and the people who have not ordered enough. The cost of electricity like its usage changes in cost every half an hour to find out more you can real time monitor the price and see all historic data since year 2000.
How much do you spend on Electricity and Gas per month less vat?
Send us your figures into sales@icscomms.co.uk as we are able to tell you the savings you can make.

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