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In part 2 of How Electricity works we look at the balancing process in the UK.

Electricity balancing is really quite complicated, National Grid mentioned in our blog 1 of these series need to turn on and off extra sources of energy as the grid need them such as we turn on the kettle at the end of Eastenders. In additon this extra electricity put on the network has to charged to the supplirs who are providing it to the customers and potentially those suppliers like iCS Energy have not pre-ordered that energy. This process is called balancing and this process can take up to 14 months after the event to complete as meter reading can take that long to be verified and the whole calculation of who used what completed.

Doesn’t this sound really complicated well the lovely people at Elexon (the people responsible for balancing in the UK) have produced this video that explains it all as a Sushi bar.

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Hmm makes me want Sushi for lunch

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