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In part 3 of How Electricity works we look at some of the biggest demands of Electricity ever.

Now managing those surges on the grid is a big task, I have been asking and looking around for the biggest surges of all time and I’ve put the links in the one for the biggest on at the bottom.

4. 29th Aril 2011, a 2,400MW surge as televicion coverage passes back to the studios as Kate and William reach Buckinham Palace, this is equivalent to a million kettles being boiled as once. Engineers in National Grid’s control room expertly managed a series of surges and drops in electricity demand as the nation sat glued to today’s Royal Wedding.  The surge of 2,400 MW when television coverage passes back to the studio after the procession to Buckingham Palace is the fourth highest ever surge in demand due to a television programme.

3. The 2,570 MW surge at half-time during England’s semi-final match against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup

2. The 2,600 MW surge in demand after a 1984 episode of The Thornbirds.

1. 4th July 1990 World Cup England v Germany, the record of 2,800 MW set at the end of the nail-biting penalty shoot-out after England’s World Cup semi-final against West Germany in 1990. This is the game that Gazza was booked and was out of the next games, and we lost on penalties.

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