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Episode 4 of our Energy Blog covers Vampires
Now iCS is housed in a smallish building and like many companies has a small computer room with a few servers and a phone system chugging away, we generally have equipment on test in our technical area and a few pc’s left on for the tech boys should they need to do things in a hurry and the likes of call logging and access control but our consumption was measured in January at a modest £7.49 per day on standby roll that up to a year. We are open from 8am till 6pm 5 days a week and you have staggering total of 6216 hours per annum our office is on standby at cost of yes £1926.96 per annum. I’ll mention the heating is powered by gas and was off when we ran this test early this year and the lights were off!
Now some of that cost you must keep, the alarm to protect the building, maybe the camera’s too recording the perimeter of the building and the late night drunks ripping down the car park signs again. But by following our “iCS energy guide” soon to circulated to iCS Energy customers and adjusting the temperature of the Comms room up a few degrees and stopping the techies testing over night, and turning the franking machine and all monitors off when we leave we have begun to save.We have recently installed isolation switched for banks of desks so making shut down much easier and created a closedown checklist and training for staff. We estimate the saving at about 8p per hour or £500 per annum not bad for an investment of a few hours and about the same amount in electrician labour and parts. We will save this year, and then year on year for the next decades and more as prices continue to rise.I you want to save money on your business Electricity bill why not talk to the UK’s newest energy provider and you may well get more than a healthy saving on your annual bill, something that will make you remember us for decades to come some healthy energy saving advise and help in implementing the changes for free.How much do you spend on Electricity and Gas per month less vat? you can email you bill to sales@icscomms.co.uk or fax it to 0800 819 9395 as the UK’s newest supplier is a few weeks from being able to offer great savings on your Business Electricity.John Gillborn

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