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During a period of significant change and mounting financial pressures, schools are changing the way they operate in order to maintain and improve education services.

The main priority for schools is not just the results of SATs or CATs, GCSEs or A-levels – it is making sure that communications are the best they can be.

Reliable, efficient telecoms services are critical to schools, because they impact on both teaching and administrative activities. One of the biggest challenges facing many schools is ensuring effective communication between teachers, parents and pupils.

It is well known that a key to a student’s success is through consistent parental and carer engagement with the school.

A further challenge is balancing the books and a significant area of cost saving can be found in streamlining the communication systems. By making invaluable savings, schools are able to reinvest the budget into other areas of the curriculum.

Therefore, an up-to-date communication system is more important than ever. Telecoms technology is developing and changing quickly, raising issues of obsolescence and compatibility – as well as being the best fit for the school.

There are many areas which specific telecoms technology has been developed to benefit schools:

  • Call recording solutions to help address issues with abusive callers or help resolve safeguarding concerns
  • Virtual users where every staff member has a voicemail box
  • Automated absence reporting and information services for sports events/trips
  • Extension mobility applications for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Dedicated anti-bullying line which protects the pupil’s identity

iCS Communications is a recognised telecoms specialist in the education sector where we install and support cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions. We work with many independent, local authority and academy schools nationwide. We have a dedicated education team who can advise you on the latest technology to provide invaluable communication benefits to your school.

Read how we helped Pangbourne College update their phone system to meet their future communication requirements.

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