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When it comes to electricity and gas, the summer is a good time to fix your business energy prices before the start of autumn/winter.

With uncertainty around energy prices, the general thinking is that market conditions and fears over Brexit will trigger further price increases as winter approaches.

Although it seems a long way away, with colder temperatures and fewer daylight hours, businesses use significantly more energy throughout winter. It’s a good idea to check prices during the summer to scout out a cheaper tariff available to you which will keep your energy bills in check for the long term.

The most obvious reason to commit to a price fix is the financial incentive. A fixed discount means not only a saving now, but can mean a guarantee that your prices will remain lower than the standard rate, even if your supplier puts their prices up.

Business energy from iCS

There are many energy providers to choose from, however, iCS make the quotation process simple by searching the market for you and recommending the best prices to suit your business, all with no-obligation. You will need to know the name of your current energy provider, the plan and an estimate of your usage. Your latest bill is a great starting point to enable iCS to do a price comparison. Leave it with us and we’ll get back to you promptly.

We designed our energy packages to have two key features: personal service and transparent pricing. We ensure you stay in full financial control of your costs by using smart meters to generate accurate billing, conducting energy audits to reduce consumption and providing contracts that are flexible in both term and price.

In addition, if you choose to integrate your energy contract with your business phones and data with iCS, you have the peace of mind that comes with having your core overheads looked after by a single, reliable provider.

Combined with saving money on your energy bills, you could also consider energy reduction measures instead.

Even small changes like replacing all your lightbulbs with energy saving ones can greatly reduce your costs and if you install sufficient insulation, you can enjoy significant savings each year.

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