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I’m sat at the kitchen table after making the commute from the bedroom and reflecting on the last week it has been one that will shape the business community for a long time to come.

We were told by our Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stay at home last Monday night. Since then the Virus that is sweeping the world has begun sweeping the nation and now a week later, we expect to see the peak in the next 2 weeks!

Here at iCS we have decided to start blogging to assist our customers and listeners to make sure you have thought through your Covid-19 cover correctly, below are a few points of advice to check your thinking.

  • How have you configured your business? in the simplest form a message saying you are closed directing callers to a special Covid-19 email address and having your calls transfer to member(s) of staff. The email messages and calls can be filtered and distributed through internal email or WhatsApp groups. iCS can help with the divert and advice on messaging or an emergency auto-attendant giving options to departments for larger companies. Prices start at £50 per month and incur no call cost to divert to mobiles.
  • Have you thought about temporary mobile numbers? We offer monthly contracts on both O2 and Vodafone including call logging via the website helping keep track of staff and calls.
  • Mobile broadband, we have data only sims that can be quickly deployed on a monthly contract for staff that are struggling with their broadband.
  • Remote access, have you enabled VPN’s, or do you need assistance setting these up on iCS managed connections?
  • Mental health and depression whilst in self-isolation! Try the next few points to avoid this.
  1. Have senior manages call staff each day.
  2. Encourage staff to exercise, perhaps taking time during the brightest parts of the day rather than waiting until work is over.
  3. Set up an internal help group, use this to ask colleagues if they have, want or need food or other essentials such as nappies and toilet rolls.
  4. Use Teams, Zoom, or Facetime, to communicate via video rather than message or phone. Its good to see other people!
  5. Set up regular calls or video conferences, we had a 4.30 Friday beer call last Friday to celebrate the first week being successfully completed.

Were open for business as normal so if you need assistance speak to a member of the sales of account management team we are here with help and advice and only a call away 01276 538888

John Gillborn