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Before we get into the depths of winter, now is a good time to investigate whether you can cut energy costs this winter.

The World Bank is raising its 2017 forecast for crude oil prices. Energy prices, which include oil, natural gas and coal, are projected to jump almost 25 percent overall next year, a larger increase than anticipated in July.

Shopping around and switching suppliers is one of the easiest ways to save on energy fuel bills – yet the average business rarely shops around. Energy companies usually change their prices twice a year, and what can be the best deal one year can prove less competitive the next. The cheapest deals might be for those companies who opt for dual fuel (gas and electricity from the same supplier).

Combined with this, businesses can adopt energy saving measures including:

• Have an ‘energy champion’ employee who looks for ways to reduce energy consumption
• Where possible, keep windows and door closed in winter months
• Provide employees with energy saving tips
• Don’t keep boiling the kettle for one cup. Be efficient and do a large round with the kettle being full and boiled just once
• Turn the lights off when you’ve finished in a meeting room. Leave notes on the door to remind people to do this
• Install blinds (or curtains if appropriate) to keep the winter warmth in
• Wear jumpers, if that is appropriate attire
• Reduce the amount of time the heating is on when the building is unoccupied
• Make energy saving a habit which everyone in the workforce adopts
• Have competitions who can safely save the most energy
• Replace old boilers with more efficient ones.

iCS Communications offer a free energy consultation service, and some of our customers have saved thousands of pounds from their energy fuel bills! With savings like that, you can switch the heating on from the 1st October!!

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