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Communications Solutions for Healthcare

Tailored and integrated phone systems for medical practices and surgeries

With communications performing an ever more critical function in the modern medical practice, it’s vital that the systems you employ offer the flexibility, reliability and comprehensive capability you simply can’t do without.

So at iCS, we make sure achieving those goals becomes a matter of course –with a solution that’s precisely tailored to your real requirements, with instant access to all the information essential to your everyday work and a high-technology tool with a range of proven benefits for you, your staff and your patients alike.

We can start with a detailed assessment of the system you currently have in place, accurately identifying what it can and cannot do, giving you objective advice on whether enhancement, extension or replacement is the optimum option for your particular needs, both now and in the future.

We’ve already done this for numerous medical practices across the country, clearly demonstrating what Medic-Call systems can add to the healthcare environment and why Splicecom’s market leading equipment and software is the natural first choice throughout NHS services in the UK.

Allied to all that is our own specialist experience of design, supply and installation, with end-to-end expertise covering every aspect of the process and a long-term working partnership providing unrivalled service and support at every level.

In short, a system that can give your communications a brand new lease of life, with technology you can trust to deliver cost benefits and operational advantages right from day one.

Phone Systems
for Surgeries
System Integration with Patient Files

Practice Management

Key Features of Medic-Call


Medic-Call Unified Device Support

Desk phones, smartphones, softphones, Wireless phones


Medic-Call System Integration

EMIS, SystmOne, INPS Vision


Practice Management

Call reporting, Call recording, Live wallboard/dashboard


Medic-Call Admin Portal

Browser based system admin tool


Medic-Call Attendant

Single or multi-level auto attendant


In Queue Announcements

Simple announcement, Position in queue, Callback


Flexible Call Distribution

Unlimited call flows, unlimited groups, time of day routing, multi-site inter/over flow


Quick Message Activation

Service availability notifications


Medic-Call Cloud Call Service

Shared services across multiple surgeries


Medic-Call Cloud Disaster Recovery

Simple emergency activation for DR


Call Forwarding

Still take calls when you’re out of the surgery


Remote Working

Allow staff to work from any location


Voice Conference Bridge

Brings diverse teams together


Traditional Phone Features

15 years telephony experience in the UK


Single Surgery Deployment

A phone system physically based in your surgery or remotely based in the cloud


Multiple Surgery Deployment

A single on-site phone system or via the cloud. Works across all surgeries, each surgery can operate independently

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