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Phone System Integration with Patient Files

Healthcare specific systems designed for medical practices

With Medic-Call, phone system and patient records can be integrated as seamlessly as possible, giving you an invaluable resource that provides instant access to individual data that’s up-to-date, easily amended and totally secure.

  • Calls immediately trigger detailed on-screen information for receptionist
  • All personal data can be integrated with surgery work flow, with prompts to staff to provide important information to patients
  • Advanced security, with no data leaving the surgery and built-in firewalls to ensure secure internal access
  • Instant identification of patients and surgery-wide demographics
  • Simple updating and amendment of records, with alerts to ensure they’re activated
  • Compliance with QOF and LES requirements
  • Automatic verification of mobile numbers
  • Proven improvements in efficiency and interaction with patients
  • Significant positive impact on a wide range of surgery activities
“Talk to one of our healthcare telecoms experts.”
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