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SIMS and PASS are comprehensive solutions that manage information relating to the pupil life cycle from initial engagement to alumni stage. The solutions cover all aspects of school database management.

iCS is a trusted telecoms provider of phone systems which have been specifically designed for schools. iCS has a wealth of experience in the education sector and works with schools very closely to implement phone systems designed to improve inbound call handling by integrating with your school databases such as SIMS and PASS.

The benefits of telecoms integration with your school database:


In multi-cultural England, many pupils have parents whose first language is not English. Telecom integrations allows you to have all the parents’ details to hand in front of you when they call in, meaning call handling time by the front line staff is vastly reduced.  When a match is found in the school data, the system recognises the phone number and it will display the name(s) of the pupil(s) associated with the call in a small pop-up window in the bottom right-hand corner of your computer screen.

Contact Popping

Clicking on the SIMS/PASS icon in the Caller Preview window will automatically open the caller’s SIMS/PASS contact record, avoiding the need to type in name, address, postcode etc. to retrieve their school database record.

Improved Service

The user can view the call history to check all the calls they have made, answered and missed. For instance, the school can see if a parent has attempted to call in and the user can pop the record card from the call history before they return the call.

Greater Productivity

By having the pupil records open in front of you when you answer the call, you can enter details of the conversation straight away, which is easier than trying to remember them after the call has ended. The call will be quicker, which is essential at peak call times.

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