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How well and for how long would your business perform if your telephone system went down?

When disasters occur, a company has a lot to deal with. Protecting your employees and assets is important, but keeping the business open to customers is paramount. This is why businesses should consider the benefits of a telecoms disaster recovery plan to kick-in during unforeseen circumstances.

It is essential to protect your data and network, but what about ongoing customer interaction? For most businesses, the telephone is still a primary channel of customer contact and especially if there is a loss to other services. Customers start calling in to find out what is going on and this is exactly why you need telephone disaster recovery in place. During a disaster, without some method of continuing to carry on customer interaction, you’ll quickly be under pressure to service clients. Many companies have disaster recovery plans in place. However, many companies also don’t include telecom in the disaster recovery plan.

The benefits of a telecoms disaster recovery plan

A good telecoms disaster recovery plan can be put together very quickly and the costs are minimal versus the risks. However rarely disaster may strike; peace of mind that you can still service your client base is so important and priceless.

Typically, the cost of a telecoms disaster recovery service is a mere fraction of the cost of a lost client. That alone should be a major driving factor in putting together a proper telecoms disaster recovery plan.

Telecoms automatic disaster recovery plans can be put in place so your phone calls can be handled by an off-site service at the flick of a switch.  This is easy to arrange and you don’t even have to be on-site to take your calls.  By switching to a Software Based Phone System, this gives your system the highest level of resilience and your important asset – the phone lines – are fully protected. An unforeseen incident need not cost your company significantly, both in customer revenue as well as damage to reputation. With a well thought out telecoms disaster recovery plan, a company can weather the storms of small mundane outages, which do happen occasionally, as well as the significant natural disasters, which are thankfully rare. And best of all, customers will never even know about it.

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