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Business energy

Business Energy

Save on your business energy bills right now!

iCS is an expert in helping companies get the best deal, making it simple for you to compare business energy prices and easily switch to cheaper, fairer rates.

We work with companies of all sizes and from many different sectors. Whether you are an SME or a business with multiple locations, it is easy to obtain a no obligation business energy quote.

iCS is dedicated to obtaining the best deal and guide you through the switching process, including advice on how best to give notice to terminate the contract with your existing energy provider. iCS will take away the hassle factor and save you time.

Talk to an iCS business energy expert, call 0800 9 77 88 99.

Top business energy saving tips for businesses

It is easy for businesses to be energy conscious and save money at the same time:

  • Encourage everyone to turn off their work PCs and laptops when away from their desk for long periods of time
  • Similarly, shutting PCs and laptops down at the end of the day is crucial in saving energy and lowering bills
  • Unplug appliances and switch off power sockets when not in use, especially overnight and at the weekend. This is helpful for fire prevention to
  • The office tea round! Save electricity and only boil the exact amount of water needed for the brews.
  • Use energy saving lightbulbs to cut energy usage and save time because they last longer, so do not need to be replaced as often
  • When replacing the office fridge, consider the most energy efficient appliance
  • Consider the building’s water use. Could old heaters that waste water and energy be replaced with a modern tankless system?
  • How about heating? Could you keep it off during milder autumn and spring temperatures?
  • Conduct an energy audit. Take stock of your premises’ energy consumption and know which processes use the most energy. Encourage employees to think about their energy use

It is easy to arrange a quotation with iCS. Simply provide us with a copy of your latest energy bill and we’ll do the rest.

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