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Remote Working Technology

Your business is facing fundamental challenges from the changing demands of employees and customers for greater mobility, flexibility and levels of engagement. Moving to remote working technology will enable you to meet these extra demands.

Wherever they are and whatever platform they are using, customers expect to be connected quickly to someone who can answer their questions effectively at the first time of asking. This means employees need information at their fingertips on all their devices. Knowledge sharing and access must be expertly managed throughout your organisation.


At the same time, employees have the legal right to request flexible working provisions that allow them to better manage their work-life balance. This desire for flexibility has only increased, during the Coronavirus pandemic, by demonstrations of how effective remote working tools can be.

We can help you implement remote working with our full suite of on-premise and virtual phone systems with software and tools that allow you to chat, call, video, screen and share files with colleagues and customers. Here’s how.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Voice and video calling facilities, chat, sharing documents and online collaboration.

Business & virtual phone systems

Giving employees, working on or off-site, access to your full range of system capabilities through a flexible range of on-premise, virtual and mobile handsets and tariffs.

Unified Communications

Working in partnership with Freestyle IT, a specialist IT solutions provider, we can help you streamline your communications and IT infrastructure to deliver improved service, reduced overheads and better data management.


Connecting your people to the internet and between sites with the highest levels of security.

Maintenance and support

Personal service for your peace of mind.

Benefits of remote working for employees

  • Flexible working hours
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction leading to greater productivity
  • Less time wasted on the stressful commute to work
  • Improve employee work life balance with more opportunities for exercise, home life administration and time with the family

Benefits of remote working for businesses

  • Reduce business inefficiencies, improve processes and reporting
  • Reduce overheads from ‘legacy’ and superfluous systems by simplifying and unifying communications and technology. Free up budget for more strategic projects
  • Reduce overheads from office space and facilities
  • Centralise data making it more effective to retrieve and manage
  • Improve employee communication and collaboration to exploit new opportunities
  • Gain access to new talent pools, regardless of location, who require flexible working technology and approaches
  • Easier access to new geographical markets by setting up new sites quickly and effectively
  • Improve service, productivity and profitability
  • Business continuity by giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, while keeping your apps and information secure

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