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“Future-proof” is an intimidatingly broad term – it essentially means being prepared for the development of your business, and that covers brand strategy, HR, a financial plan, tracking changes in your markets and more. But before getting swept up into a whole new ten year business plan, it is worth going back to the basics of what your business actually needs day to day. For most businesses, this makes future-proofing your communications system a priority.

Most businesses are completely reliant on their communications system. A long term plan to gain new clients is great, but the best plans in the world will fall apart if your email is unreliable, the phones keep breaking, and the internet access is sporadic. There’s nothing more annoying than working for days and nights to prepare to talk to a new client, then trying to dial into a call and realising you can’t actually hear them. And however punctual you are, if the Wi-Fi breaks every time you try and use a tele-con system, your clients will know you as the one who is always ten minutes late.

A good communications system is the backbone of every company. As your business grows, the communications system must be updated to keep up.

How can iCS Communications help you?

We will work with you to understand the direction your business is growing in, and then put together a bespoke telecoms package tailored to your needs. This custom-made approach actually keeps your costs down. We draw on the whole market to select exactly the technology you want, and unlike an off-the-shelf package, that means you only pay for the technology you need.

Some of the features we often install for growing businesses include support for remote workers or users working from home, smartphone applications, and CRM integration systems. We support all our customers with a dedicated team of engineers who will fix any technology problems you have, day or night.

We run demo days to understand your needs and present our solutions. If you are interested, contact sales@icscomms.co.uk or alternatively ring 0800 9 77 88 99 to speak to one of our dedicated account managers about your business.