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The modern day telephone has come a long way since the invention of the first electromagnetic telephone in 1877.

Most notably is the leap in mobile technology from the classic Nokia 3210 to the latest all singing, all dancing, iPhones and HTCs of today.

However, what people don’t realise is that, today, the same type of technology leaps are being made in office communications and telephone technology too.

What is this New Technology? VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest in office phone technology. VoIP simply uses the internet to connect; it also gives greater sound quality and has a securer connection.

HIPT or Hosted IP Telephone is a web portal where your VoIP calls are connected over the internet. You can also log into your HIPT and use ANY phone in the world to make calls from, but these are still billed to you at the usual rate.

Below are 7 reasons to invest in or upgrade to a modern phone system today:

1. Better features – The latest phone systems come with big business features on a small business system. Including: call recording, mobile twinning, remote working, call monitoring, auto attendant and music on hold.

2. Easier administration – The latest software and HIPT services allow admin in-house as well as great scalability. Scalability is the potential of a system or network to handle growth.

3. Money saving – Through VoIP and HIPT systems you can save a lot of money on your line rentals and call charges, especially when calling aboard. There is also free site-to-site calling so you could call from yourLondon office to your LA office for free!

4. Future proof your investment – By using VoIP and HIPT, your system becomes future proof. Software updates are done automatically through your hosted provider. You need not upgrade your system for decades. With more and more features being released each month, now is the time to investment to reap the rewards of this fast paced industry.

5. Cheaper maintenance – Through the HIPT system maintenance can be done remotely and you can access the system in-house as well. Therefore it is cheaper for you than having to call out an engineer should something go wrong. 9/10 times we can trouble shoot and fix the problem remotely.

6. Peripherals – VoIP phones can also be linked to peripherals like door phones, door cameras and building security cameras; giving you better control and security over your business.

7. Finally, iCS offer 0% finance* options on our SpliceCom Systems. This will keep capital in your business for longer and spread the investment over a period to suit your finances.

In summary, you wouldn’t be seen these days with an old style mobile device so why have an out of date office phone system? It could be holding you back and giving the wrong company image.

Written by Tamara Gates
Marketing Executive at iCS Communications

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