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The London Olympics are only 144 days away and the travelling conditions are predicted to be horrendous unless we can reduce traffic and pedestrian congestion by 40%, according to Olympic organisers, businesses are being advised to “reduce, reroute, retime or remodel their journeys to avoid the hotspots.”

BT Openreach are also warning that there will be delays in services such as installing/repairing lines and activities involving opening cabinets. This is due to the extra traffic; it will be incredibly disruptive to dig up the roads.  BT are also working with the police on increasing security and preventing terrorism and so they are sealing manholes and not opening the cabinets at specific times over the Olympic games. Current customers should contact us as soon as possible to get any work booked in before the delays begin.

All businesses in the affected areas need to consider: how will you or your employees get to work? The internet will be slower, can your business still operate? How long will it take to get installs done? So many more questions and you only have 144 days to get sorted!

iCS can help you with solutions like working from home with call monitoring software, flexible working, mobile working, VoIP systems and much much more. We literally can help your business avoid the disruption and actually increase its productivity. Contact us today with any concerns or for advice on keeping ahead of the games.  Make the Olympics work for your business not against it.

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By: Tamara Gates