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We’d like to help you make calls for free with SIP trunking. Here’s why.

BT Group has set a date of 2025 to switch off ISDN phone services from its Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). They will not be accepting any new orders or adjustments to services relating to any ISDN product as of 2020. The final cut off will be 2025 when, effectively, this product will become end-of-life.

Are you an ISDN customer and how does this affect you? Since ISDN lines were first designed nearly thirty years ago, the world of work has changed beyond recognition. Businesses require phone solutions which are flexible, reliable and scalable not to mention cost-effective. Currently you have a choice of ISDN2 or ISDN30, which provides a maximum capacity of 30 lines, with a minimum requirement of 8 lines. This solution is not very cost-effective for a small, growing business, especially one that may have seasonal peaks.

As business telecoms specialists we are encouraging you to consider an alternative and that alternative is SIP (Session Internet Protocol). 

SIP Trunking Explained 

SIP trunking is the modern replacement for traditional ISDN phone lines for both internet and voice calls.  It is based on high speed fibre lines to provide low cost calling around the world via your internet connection.

The solution allows a business to communicate with fixed and mobile telephone users and has many benefits:

• Reliability – built-in resilience features. These ensure fast, effective disaster recovery and business continuity. Voice traffic can be automatically transferred to alternative lines including mobiles in the case of emergency to keep your communications systems intact

• Flexibility – this solution offers number flexibility, enabling you to keep existing numbers, even if your office moves to another geographic location. The service can also be flexed with your business requirements to cover periods of high demand for your service. The same number can also be used across multiple sites, making it easier for customers to contact you

• Cost savings – one SIP channel can cost approximately 50% of the ISDN equivalent in rental. In addition to this line rental saving, we can also deliver further savings on calls with FREE calls to UK local, national and mobiles available on certain packages.

In the past companies have held back on converting to SIP because of concerns with the quality and speed of your internet connection. However, most businesses in the UK now have access to excellent broadband connections.

The switch to SIP is simple. As business telecoms experts with years of experience guiding companies through the transfer process, we are here to help.

Vote for SIP!

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