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Hot off the press – superfast 3G900 and network speed tests!

We’ve just announced that we’ve switched on a new superfast 3G 900MHz network in London. We’ve already deployed 3G900 services in Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester, with more cities to follow in the coming months.

This will deliver greater coverage, a 50% increase in network capacity and 30% faster downloads – all in all a superior customer experience.

This is the latest in a series of network enhancements and means that on our network, more customers can use more data, and experience it quicker.

Why now?

Ofcom, the UK Communications Regulator recently granted UK network operators permission to use the 900 MHz spectrum for 3G services.  We’re the first UK operator to take advantage of the change to our 900MHz network licence.

The 900MHz frequency band was previously only licensed for 2G services in the UK, but it offers the capability to significantly improve the potential of 3G services.

Delivering an improved customer experience

Rigorous customer experience testing has shown that, on average, O2 customers with 3G900 compatible devices* are now receiving data 30% faster than before the new spectrum was allocated for 3G use.

Network capacity in the areas where 3G900 has been rolled out has also increased by 50%, allowing more people to take advantage of O2’s high speed data services and in more places.

*iPhone4, iPad2 and other UMTS/HSPA 900MHz compatible smartphones and tablets

UK network speed tests

As part of our regular and rigorous network testing, SIRODA, the network specialists have compared the data speeds of all five UK operators.

The tests show that, between October 2010 and January 2011, we offered the best data experience in 12 out of 13 cities. On average, web page access on our network was delivered in 1.4 seconds, over three times quicker than the slowest operator.


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