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BT intends to migrate all of its ISDN customers across to the IP network by 2025. Forward thinking businesses need not wait until then to update their phone system. They can have access to the ultra-modern and agile SIP solution right now.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking is a way of delivering voice services over the Internet. SIP can be supported on the latest IP (Internet Protocol) based phone systems or we can use a Gateway to connect to legacy Private Branch Exchanges (PBX).

In comparison to newer communication technologies on the market, ISDN’s legacy nature renders it inflexible, expensive and difficult to manage. SIP Trunks are a scalable and highly flexible solution that enables businesses to streamline communication costs and resources. The solution is very customer centric, easy to deploy and comes with greater security, resilience, and flexibility.

Why your business should be considering SIP now 

The solution allows a business to communicate with fixed and mobile telephone users and has many benefits:

Reliability – built-in resilience features. These ensure fast, effective disaster recovery and business continuity. Voice traffic can be automatically transferred to alternative lines including mobiles in the case of emergency to keep your communications systems intact

Flexibility – this solution offers number flexibility, enabling you to keep existing numbers, even if your office moves to another geographic location.  The service can also be flexed with your business requirements to cover periods of high demand for your service.  The same number can also be used across multiple sites, making it easier for customers to contact you 

Cost savings – one SIP channel can cost approximately 50% of the ISDN equivalent in rental. In addition to this line rental saving, we can also deliver further savings on calls with FREE calls to UK local, national and mobiles available on certain packages.

SIP solutions work for businesses of any size and they deliver tangible business benefits. To talk to iCS Communications, call us on 0800 9 77 88 99 or email sales@icscomms.co.uk

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